Nutrition Counseling

Along with strength training and cardiovascular conditioning, sound nutrition is pivotal in achieving optimal performance at every level of fitness. Our fitness nutrition specialists are trained to find your limiting factors when it comes to nutrition and eliminate them. The Hybrid approach is structured around our 8 STEP PROCESS which is proven to get results!


  • Being Prepared For Clients
  • Collecting Preliminary Client Information
  • Evaluating Client Information and Explaining What It Means
  • Offering Nutritional Suggestions and Providing a Nutrition Plan
  • Offering Nutritional Supplement Suggestions
  • Setting Behavior Goals and Creating Monitoring Strategies
  • Making Nutritional Adjustments
  • Providing Continuing Education and Support


When our 8 Step Process is implemented the basic of sound nutrition is achieved…


  • Good nutrition properly control energy balance
  • Good nutrition lowers body fat
  • Good nutrition provides portion control
  • Good nutrition achieves health and performance goals
  • Good nutrition is honest and outcome based which mean RESULTS!!!




Offering OVER 50 Classes per Month!!!!
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